Meet the members of our team

Bálint Sapszon

CEO, Los Angeles

Budapest born film composer, jazz arranger, educated in the Bartók Conservatory and the Liszt Academy of Music, completed the Film Scoring program of UCLA Extension. Concert pianist who has performed with various artists in America, Asia, Australia and all around Europe. He moved to Los Angeles in 2007 on a Fulbright scholarship. Combining his film scoring experience with his connection to Central Europe’s finest musicians he formed Budapest Scoring to provide quality recording services on a competitive budget. His daily presence in the LA film scoring scene gives him a precise understanding of the needs and workflow of the business.

Zoltán Pad

Choir conductor, Budapest

Zoltán is the chief conductor of the Hungarian Radio Choir and the former chief conductor of the Kodály Choir Debrecen, the two leading professional choirs in Hungary. Educated in Munich and Budapest, Zoltán earned his doctorate at the prestigious Liszt Academy of Music. As choirmaster he worked with Ennio Morricone, Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker, with Daniel Harding, Péter Eötvös and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Morricone personally chose him for his international concert tours in 2014 and 2015. He is a welcomed guest at professional choirs in Europe and Asia.
In 2008 Zoltán spent a year in China, teaching and leading the choir of the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. He still holds workshops in Hong Kong on a regular basis. He speaks English and German fluently, and is studiously improving his Cantonese.

Bertalan Veér

Orchestra manager, Budapest

Bertalan is an outstanding violin player, educated in the Bartók Conservatory and graduated from the Liszt Academy of Music. Born into a family of musicians he’s been surrounded by music from an early age with a father who’s been the principal clarinet player of the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Since 2000 he has been an active musician in the Hungarian music scene, performing in almost every musical genre including classical, rock, jazz, theater and film music. He has worked with all the great musicians in Hungary which gives him a perfect understanding of each player’s level of musicianship. Bertalan makes a thorough selection and hand-picks the best musicians Budapest has to offer.

Dénes Rédly

Recording engineer

Dénes has over 25 years of experience as a recording engineer. He collaborated with composers such as Ennio Morricone, Geoff Zanelli, Nathan Barr among others. In 2003 he won the “Best Recording Engineer of the Year” Award in Hungary for his achievements. Between 1993 and 2017 he was on staff at the Hungarian Radio as the chief engineer and technical director of Studio 22. He was the architect-engineer when the studio was remodeled in the early 2000s utilizing state-of-the-art technology. As a result, Studio 22 is now truly one of the best scoring stages in Europe.

Anna Sapszon

Music preparation, Budapest

Anna prepares scores and parts for the sessions, working closely with composers and orchestrators to thoroughly check them for accuracy in advance of the sessions. She has twelve years of musical education, studying at the Zoltán Kodály Hungarian Choir School. Born to a family of musicians Anna has a very strong musical background, both as a pianist and vocalist. She is an active member of the Cantate Adult Choir.

Antonello Martina

Exclusive Italian representative, Milano

Antonello has 25 years of experience in the music industry, as a musician, arranger and composer. He wrote many jingles, scores and songs. In 2000 he formed the company SOUNDIVA that provides music consulting services to some among the most important networks in Europe, such as Mediaset, Disney, Magnolia, Telecom, Vega, 3zero2Tv. In 2004 he expanded his horizons forming SOUNDIVA PUBLISHING, a music publishing company that today counts 240 cds, more than 6.000 tracks and a team of 300 composers, becoming the second most important music library in Italy, distributed in 55 countries by 32 exclusive sub-publishers.

Luigi Pulcini

Creative advisor, Los Angeles

Luigi is a composer and a computer engineer with 15 years of experience in music technology. His double major makes him a resourceful element of the team, particularly when disentangling the intricacies of modern technology is vital in making clients’ life easier. In 2008, he moved to Los Angeles, where he established his career as a film composer, embarking in a long-lasting collaboration with composer Christopher Young on movies such as “Drag Me To Hell”, “Priest”, “Deliver Us From Evil”, among many others. In Budapest Scoring, he is responsible for the web development and the workflow automation.