Michael Abels

Composer, USA (Jordan Peele’s GET OUT)

Budapest Scoring is a crucial resource for composers.  They consistently deliver excellent musicians and recordings, suitable for projects with worldwide visibility.  Their musicians play film music on a daily basis, and perform extended sound effect techniques with expertise and enthusiasm.  Their sessions are brilliantly organized for maximum playing time, and deliver recordings that facilitate concise editing afterward.  Highly recommended choice for all your live ensemble needs.

Kevin Kiner

Emmy Award nominated film composer, USA (Star Wars: Rebels)

WOW!! The orchestra was really amazing! I was quite concerned because I gave them a very notey, long cue in the John Williams style, and they pulled it off marvelously. We even had time to do an extra – strings only – pass, which is always very helpful!! Thanks again!

Neal Acree

Composer, USA (StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Diablo III)

I feel like your orchestra is the best in Eastern Europe and I feel qualified to say that as last year I had the unique opportunity to record with all of them (most of them twice). I won’t hesitate to book you for my next orchestral session.

Douglas Pipes

Composer, USA (Krampus)

I’ve had the good fortune to work with BUDAPEST SCORING on multiple occasions, and have always been happy with the sessions. Budapest is a vibrant musical city and I look forward to recording with these fine musicians again!

Ian Hultquist

Composer, USA (Netflix: Clinical)

I had such an amazing experience working with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra on my score for Clinical. Everyone I worked with was incredibly helpful & professional, not to mention the outstanding talent of their players. I was lucky enough to get to record with a String section and a small choir, and both groups performed beautifully. Myself and the filmmakers were thrilled with the sound we captured with this Orchestra!

Timothy Williams

Composer, USA (I.T., I’m Not Ashamed, Diablo)

I have had the great pleasure of recording with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra many times with great results. I have done such films as the thriller “I.T.”, starring Pierce Brosnan, the drama “I’m Not Ashamed”, the western “Diablo” starring Scott Eastwood, and most recently I worked on the smash hit “Get Out!”, directed by Jordan Peele.
The orchestra is able to play a wide variety of styles, including more difficult aleatoric music with bending string fx and 1/4 tone clusters. The conductor is amazing – fast, efficient and most importantly understanding the intent of the music.
I love the rich warm sound they have and the wonderful passion they play with. I find them a step up from many of the other Eastern European orchestras, and always able to accommodate my unusual lineups and composition requests.

Geoff Westley

Arranger, United Kingdom

I just wanted to say what a great success it was in Budapest. The orchestra was amazing. So responsive, and full of enthusiasm. It was an immense pleasure and a privilege to conduct them, and I can’t wait to go back. If you have orchestras this good in Budapest, why would anyone want to record in London?!

Chris Walden

6-time Grammy Award nominated arranger, USA

The session went great! Orchestra played wonderful.

Florian Tessloff

Composer, Germany

I’m really happy with the result. The players performance is just great. It’s very well executed (intonation was hardly an issue, timing too) and on top of that, I feel the group had a certain “character” to it.
I’ve recorded with other ensembles that played well but didn’t really have a sound. As mentioned before, the crew is great. Miklos, Peter and the engineer made it feel effortlessly.

Tao Liu

Composer, China

We had a successful session this morning. I was blown away by the Budapest Scoring musician’s technique and the understanding of music. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Hope I can record more sessions with you in the near future!

Sean Peter

Composer, Australia

We all are thrilled with the results of all of the recordings. We thank you sincerely and gratefully for an amazing session. Kornel – Thanks so much for driving the sessions so well. Your band were amazing, and we loved what you and they brought to our charts. Balint – Thanks for organising everything so efficiently – we really appreciate the team you brought together.
We are all talking about our next sessions with you guys – couldn’t be happier.

Giacomo Cataldo

Composer, Canada

I am very pleased – they did an incredible job with the time constraint we had.
As I said via Skype at the end of the session, I was very impressed with the players and also with how cohesive the ensemble was – their first takes sounded like the second or third take for many other groups!  It was a pleasure to hear the pieces come to life with such sensitivity and musicality.

George Acogny

Composer, USA

We are and I am very very happy with the Orchestra. It sounds really good. Great players and this conductor Peter is just magic. I can’t wait to meet him. Thank you very much.

Layla Minoui

Composer, Finland

Everyone played so beautifully. Please especially applaud the cellist for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better performance.

Enis Rotthos

Composer, Germany

The session went really well. I was very happy with the piano player as well. He did an amazing job and had the right intuition how to approach every piece. Thank you for your great preparations.  I just had beer together with my team and I am happy all went so well.

Nikita Dompas

Composer, Indonesia

It was a pleasure for me working with the quartet. Thanks very much for the opportunity and thanks for being so generous about the overtime. I’m one happy client and the singer that i’ve been working with was also very happy with the result (she was there during the session). Can’t wait for another project with you guys.

Martin Lapierre

Composer, Canada

We are very pleased with the process, and the result. I was blown away with how quick it changed from take one to the end. I’ve also appreciated the input and instinct of the conductor. Overall it was superb. We hope to be able to do the whole album with you guys in time.

Bruno Valenti

Composer, Argentina

I’m really happy of finding you in this amazing adventure. You have been an incredible and super useful piece in this giant puzzle. I’m sure we will do more things together in the near future!

Jinho Jung

Composer, Korea

I’m very happy with the result. Thanks. Hope to work with you soon again.