Custom Sessions

The freedom of choosing the lineup
and picking the date

Create your own line-up and scheduling for your custom sessions to best fit your production needs.

We offer sessions with the following durations:

  • 2 hour session (includes 10 minutes of breaks)
  • 3 hour session (includes 20 minutes of breaks)
  • 4 hour session (includes 25 minutes of breaks)

If you are not sure how much session time you will need to record your score, you can safely estimate that a 4-hour session yields approximately 15 to 20 minutes of recorded music. This is a general average that may vary depending on the difficulty of your music, your preparedness and any additional requests you may have during the session.

Additionally, an optional hour may be reserved if you are unsure of how much time you will need to fully record your score. For example, you can request a 3-hour session with an optional hour (3+1). You will pay for the optional hour only if it is actually needed.

A maximum of two 4-hour sessions with one optional hour may be booked in any single day.